4 thoughts on “Pre-order Half An Hour From Paris!

  1. Hi Annabel. We’ve used 2 editions of “An Hour From Paris” when we visit my sister who lives in Paris. It’s about the only time she actually gets out of the city! Then in 2017 I purchased the pdf versions of “10 More Trips” before they were published in book format. Today I received “Half an Hour . . .” from my sister for my birthday. Now that I own the book, is there a way to download pdf versions of these trips? It was really handy having the trips on my phone when using “10 More Trips.” Thank you so much for the great work! Jim in Ashland, Oregon

    1. Hi Jim
      Good to hear from you. 10 New Trips An Hour From Paris have never been published, which is why I can offer them for direct download from my website. I’m afraid that there is no way at the moment to download trips from Half An Hour From Paris. But I will suggest it to my publisher, who may well take up the idea.
      With best wishes,

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