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These are 10 additional unpublished trips around an hour from Paris by train, fully updated in 2023. The text follows a similar format to An Hour From Paris and includes two colour photos and a hand-drawn colour map. The layout has been designed so that you can easily print out just the walk, the practical details and the map if you so wish and read the rest on your phone.

Available as separate PDFs exclusively from this website at 3€ each, or the full set at 13€.

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Free sample, trip no. 3: Coulommiers

Ile de France map showing the 10 destinations

Ile de France train map with stations for the 10 trips highlighted

French footpath signs explained


1. Auvers sur Oise

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2 km walk from Méry sur Oise to Auvers church, visit to Van Gogh’s grave and 1½ km country walk to the Auberge Ravoux where he spent his last days before his suicide. Lively covered market, restaurant. Return from Auvers sur Oise or optional 2½ km country and riverside walk via Dr Gachet’s house to Chaponval station or 3½ km riverside walk to Meriel sur Oise.

                                                              37 minutes

2. Nesles la Vallée

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9 km circular walk through Van Gogh countryside to former artists’ village with 12C church, café, returning via Neolithic burial cave hidden in woodland. Option of shorter 6½ km walk to cave, bypassing the village.

                           48 minutes



3. Coulommiers

Coulommiers, Place du Marché
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Medieval market town with canals, market, restaurants, Coulommiers Brie cheese. Optional 4½ km detour to the well-preserved 12C hilltop ‘Commanderie of the Knights Templar’, returning via country walk and park.


                               62 minutes



4. Ballancourt

Ballancourt, Château du Saussay
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3 km river and country walk to island restaurant on the Essonne and visit to family-owned château. Optional 5 km country walk to old town of La Ferté-Alais, past weekend fishermen’s little chalets and gardens on secluded sections of the river, accessible on foot.


                                                                                                    67 minutes


5. Grez sur Loing

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12 km country and river walk from former artists’ village of Bourron with 11C church, café, to village of Grez sur Loing, where Corot, Robert Louis Stevenson, Delius and Strindberg stayed, with 12C bridge, church and ruined tower, restaurant, then country canalside walk to Nemours station.             

                                                                                                57 minutes       


6. Nemours

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Picturesque old town on River Loing with 11C church, 12C castle-museum, restaurants. Optional 4½ km detour to award-winning Musée de la Préhistoire set in woodland with optional spectacular hilltop return route.

                                65 minutes



7. Château-Landon

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9 km canal/country walk from Souppes, lively market town on River Loing, restaurant, to ancient hilltop stronghold of Château-Landon, birthplace of the Plantagenets and a medieval pilgrimage site. 11C abbey and church. Optional return by scenic bus ride via Fontainebleau to station at Melun.

                                             74 minutes



8. Maintenon

Château de Maintenon
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Old market town on the River Eure. Visit to Château de Maintenon, home of Mme de Maintenon, with majestic ruined arches of Louis XIV’s abandoned aqueduct crossing its park. Optional 5½ km river and country walk to see Neolithic dolmens.

                                50 minutes




9. Petit Jouy

Musée de la Toile de Jouy
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3 km country walk from the Musée de la Toile de Jouy, renowned 18C textile factory founded by Oberkampf, to Jouy en Josas. Café-restaurant with garden, Oberkampf’s house/workshop, 13C church. Return from Jouy en Josas station or optional 2 km river and country walk back to Petit Jouy station.         48 minutes




10. Dourdan

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Medieval former capital of the Hurepoix region, with spectacular 13C walled castle and 12C church. Optional 1 km walk along the little River Orge and/or optional 5 km country and river walk to waterlily ponds in nearby forest.

67  minutes or 40 minutes from Austerlitz



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