Updates to An Hour From Paris, 2019 edition

p. 144 I re-visited La Porte de Bourgogne restaurant in July 2020. It has changed hands but the food and prices are still reasonable and it is very popular. I advise you to book if you want a table outside on a sunny weekend. Understandably slow service, friendly overworked staff. Open daily except on Mondays. The new tel no is 01 64 22 96 26.
The Auberge de la Terrasse has closed down.

The islands of Créteil
See Discovering the hidden islands of Créteil blog post, 8 August 2021

Champs sur Marne
pp. 224-225
The footpath along the river near the Menier buildings now has a temporary fence beside it, following flooding in 2017. It has gaps allowing access to the main park but access from the Chemin de la Rivière to the riverside footpath is now barred. However, I found it quite easy to climb over the footbridge leading to the Cathédrale on the island and jump down on the other side.