New edition of Half An Hour From Paris in 2022

New edition of Half An Hour From Paris
Heron fishing in the River Bièvre near Igny

Since October I’ve been busily working on a new edition of Half An Hour From Paris, to be published in full colour in spring 2022.  I’ve managed to update five of the ten walks and am pleased to report that so far not very much has changed, in spite of Covid.

I saw the heron while updating the walk along the River Bièvre from Igny to Jouy en Josas at the end of  November. The day was so grey, wet and cold that I hadn’t brought my camera, not wanting to fiddle with it as well as with gloves, umbrella, pencil and book, as the light wouldn’t be good enough anyway. So I sneaked up on the heron as close as I dared with my Iphone and to my surprise he didn’t move at all.

I bitterly regretted not bringing the camera, as the quality of this picture won’t be good enough to appear in the book. So I am publishing it here as a foretaste of spring and a reminder that even a winter walk in the Ile de France can be unexpectedly rewarding.

With warm wishes for Christmas and 2022!

7 thoughts on “New edition of Half An Hour From Paris in 2022

  1. Beautifully written and beautifully photographed.
    Thank you for this “heron of hope”!
    All best wishes for the holiday season and new year.


  2. Thank you Annabel for all your wonderful walks. How I long to be able to return to France and try them!
    With best wishes for a happy Christmas and for better things to come in 2022,

  3. Bonjour Annabel, has the updated version of this book been published yet ? As I am having difficulty finding it. I am also having trouble finding you Hour from Paris book 2019 version. I am in Australia and would love to buy both of your books before I visit Paris in 2023. Merci beaucoup, Andrea

  4. Hello Andrea, I’m sorry to tell you that because of distribution problems copies of the 2019 edition of An Hour From Paris might not be available again until January 2023, when the new edition of Half An Hour From Paris will also be published. They should be available before your trip but meanwhile I suggest you have a look at my blog posts on They include several articles on new trips which you might find useful.

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